We are still waiting for the government to announce a reopening date but the opening hours will remain the same. We will open Thursday to Saturday from 5pm-9.15pm and Sunday all day from 12.30pm-8pm. These hours may change as the situation evolves. Our menus will change every couple of weeks in order to make the most of what’s in season & to support our local producers the best we can.

We understand it is natural that our guests and team are anxious about the recent outbreaks of COVID-19, and we understand that our guests may also be worried about visiting public places such as restaurants. It is our duty to reassure you and to continue, as we always have done, to ensure our restaurant is the safest place to eat and meet. Our priority is your safety and the safety of our team. You will find below a list of new operational systems we have implemented along our existing strict health & hygiene procedures. Thank you in advance for helping us by following the physical and social distancing and best practice measures we have carefully put in place.


Restaurant SOP during the Covid-19 pandemic

New measures in place for guests visiting our premises:

• All guests & employees to use hand sanitiser prior to entering the restaurant. A hand sanitizer dispenser can be found right at the restaurant entrance.

• We would respectfully ask you to adhere to social distancing guidelines set out by the government and to distance yourself away from other guests who are not part of your party.

• Payment will be taken at the table and no longer at the bar counter. We encourage the use of contactless and card payments where possible. We will no longer be able to split bills.

• Finally, we would respectfully ask our guests and employees not to enter the premises if:

1) You are currently experiencing symptoms such as cough, fever or breathing difficulties.
2) You have experienced any of these symptoms over the past 14 days.
3) You have been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 over the past 14 days.


New Booking Policy:

Our priority is our guests and employees’ safety. In order to ensure adequate spacing between tables, we have removed 5 tables. To maintain social distancing, we have also reduced the number of employees present in the premises during service.
Reservations will be spread out and allocated times will be offered to our guests when enquiring for a reservation. Tables booked for the first seating will be available for two hours, after which they will be re-booked. We respectfully ask our customers that they are ready to be seated at the time of their reservation. If running late, we kindly ask that you notify us by telephone at your earliest convenience. Due to frequent “no-shows” in the past, credit card details will be required for parties of 6 or more. Cancellation policy: 24 hours. In case of no show on the night, a fee will be applied.
Maximum parties until further notice: 10 guests (maximum of 6 persons aged 13 or over per table). Multiple tables cannot be booked. Parties or gatherings are not permitted until further notice.

Hygiene practice in our restaurant:

• Door handles, door plates & switches should be regularly disinfected with sanitizer. Where possible, doors left open to avoid people touching surfaces.

• All employees to wash hands frequently in staff bathroom with soap for at least 20 seconds:

 Before starting work
 Before handling cooked or ready-to-eat food
 Before eating
 After handling or preparing raw food
 After handling waste
 After cleaning duties including sweeping/mopping etc.
 After using the toilet
 After blowing nose, sneezing or coughing
 After eating, drinking or smoking
 After handling money
 At the end of a shift

• Employees may also use provided hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol when on the move, especially before serving and after clearing plates. Hand gel can be found at the bar counter, and three hand sanitizer dispensers can be found at the restaurant entrance, kitchen entrance and cold room entrance.

• All employees to be aware not to touch face during service, and if an employee coughs, to use tissue or cover face, to use hand sanitizer provided at the bar counter and leave immediately to staff bathrooms to wash hands.

• No handshake or any physical contact among staff.

• Water jugs to be washed after each use. Milk jugs to be washed after each use. Service trays to be washed at the end of service.

• Individually wrapped sugar sachets and straws.

• Sanitised pens available for customers when they need to sign receipts. Employees must sanitise the pens again after use.

• Individual pens and pads provided for each member of staff.

• Tables, chairs, salt & peppers & flower vase must be wiped down with multipurpose cleaner & cloth first and disinfected with sanitiser and blue roll after each customer leaves & before the next reservation.

• Bathrooms must be disinfected before & during service. Disinfect door handles and areas used to push open doors, bathroom taps and bins. Disinfect as regularly as possible. Employees must make sure to wear gloves when cleaning. Bin gloves after use, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

• Disinfection of phone, payment terminal, coffee machine, boiler and credit card machine with alcoholic wipes whilst ensuring consumer is aware of process.

• Employees to wash/sanitize hands after each settlement transaction & to disinfect bill presenter.

• Employees to limit the use during working hours of all devices to minimalize cross contamination, and to sanitize or wash hands if using device (before and after).

• Only one member of staff behind bar counter or at kitchen pass. This is to ensure safety distancing.


Restaurant service- New procedures:

• To minimize contact, Menus will no longer be handled to guests. Instead, large menu boards will be displayed on the walls for our guests to read. Our menus will be changing every couple of weeks; this is to allow our Chefs to make the most of what’s in season and to highlight & support local producers the best we can.

• Wine list will be laminated and will be disinfected after every use.

• Appropriate distancing when taking order will be necessary.

• After taking an order place the order through the till as normal. Wipe down the till after use.

• When pouring drinks behind bar counter, employees must handle glasses by the stem or base and place on clean service trays or bar counter before serving. Avoid touching the nozzle, tap optic or bottle against the glass. Similarly, there must be minimal handling of glassware when clearing glasses. Here, service trays must be used where appropriate.

• Front of house staff should avoid touching plates and cutlery ends with bare hands. Use dish clothes (used for hot dishes) for service of both hot and cold plates, for putting out cutlery, or for handling coffee cups and tea pots. Bottles of wine to be open behind the bar counter, and no longer at the table, this is to minimize physical contact with guests.

• At the end of each shift, all work surfaces must be sanitized. This includes fridge door/handles, service station, bar counter, bar sink/sink area and switches.

• Deep cleaning of the restaurant & bathrooms (including staff bathrooms) after service. (see cleaning procedure checklist)

Kitchen & Food Handling Personnel:

■ Ensure that all employees have been trained in any new COVID-19 standard operating procedures adopted by the restaurant. Keep a record that this training has taken place.

■ Ensure that the HACCP system is up-to-date. All new protocols will be reflected in records, cleaning schedules, zoning, allergen updates on menus and delivery & takeaway services, etc. HACCP based procedures are required for food safety and not for the prevention of COVID-19.

■ Employees must be encouraged to maintain 2 metres* from each other. The kitchen will be divided into 3 zones with 1 chef & 1 kitchen porter allocated to each zone.

■ Control and minimise movement between zones. The numbers of people in the kitchen will be limited.

■ Display signs that promote physical distancing and revisit all handwashing/good hygiene practice signs.

■ Before the start of each shift, each area of the kitchen must be cleaned & disinfected again. After each service, disinfect with effective detergents and disinfectants. All cleaning must be recorded by a suitably trained person.

■ The same food law requirements apply now as did before COVID-19. Any changes to the nature and extent of the business will be reflected in the food safety management system/ HACCP documentation.



1) An employee must meet each supplier who is delivering.

2) Delivery drivers should not be allowed to enter the premises.

3) Delivery personnel & employees must follow advice on physical distancing when picking up deliveries.

4) All packaging to be disinfected before entering premises.

5) When signing for deliveries, employees must only use their own pen. In case of electronic devices, both device and pen must be cleaned and disinfected prior to signing.

6) Clean hands before and after each delivery transaction. The use of gloves is not recommended as it can give a false sense of security. Hand washing is best practice.


Please note that these measures are subject to change/evolve over the next couple of months.



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